Research Profile

  • Faculty in School of Software Engineering (SSE) of USTC provide specialist teaching and conduct research in numerous areas of computer science. The research is rated as nationally excellent. There are mainly refined into three research areas: embedded systems design, network computing and information security as well as SOC systems design.


    Embedded Systems Design

    Research on embedded systems design is mainly focused upon embedded system architecture and system software. The main research topics include:

    1.   Low energy consumption distributed embedded operating system design and development, operating system migration and optimization for different platform architectures.

    2.   Hardware/software co-design and optimization technique, reconfigurable computing, etc.

    3.   Research and development of embedded system in the field of application: image engineering, wireless communication and network. (e.g. digital campus system, intelligent hospital system, etc.)

    4.   Research on Wireless radio frequency communication technology, such as low energy consumption network, etc.


    Network Computing and Information Security

    Research on Network Computing and Information Security is primarily focused upon wireless and hoc networks, mobile computing, new internet technology, next-generation network and information security, etc. The main research topics include:

    1.   Wireless and mobile computing——the theory of wireless ad hoc networks, key technologies and algorithms design, and typical applications development. According to the type of network, it can be divided into three categories: 

    a.   Wireless sensor network: research and application of cross-layer algorithm optimization about routing, node localization, and data collection and dissemination, etc.

    b.   Vehicular ad-hoc network: research and application of network topology design, information dissemination and aggregation, trusted mobile computing, application in web security, etc. development of typical application such as safety application.

    c.   The Internet of things: research and application of network interconnection technology, radio frequency node identification and localization technology.

    2.   Cloud computing system—the theory of grid and cloud computing architecture, software of cloud computing system, middleware platform, computer system architecture and storage technology for cloud computing support platform, etc.

    3.   Next-generation network system——Research about soft switch architecture and standard, development about telecom-level P2P software, etc.

    4.   Information security——IP security protocol, network information confrontation, security evaluation and test of information system, detection of hidden information, multimedia security technology.


    SOC Systems Design

    Research on SOC systems design is mainly focused upon digital IC design, multimedia processing based on FPGA and the application of programmable logic devices. The main research topics include:

    1.   Digital IC design—— front-end HDL coding, back-end time series analysis, layout design and simulated IC design, such as amplifier, phase locked loop, AD/DA converting, etc.

    2.   Programmable logic devices——source coding and decoding of digital communication, security communication, embedded systems design based on FPGA, etc.

    3.   Digital signal processing——filter design, coding and processing of audio, video and images, etc.

    4.   Multi-media processing based on FPGA——video coding/image and video processing and analysis, image retrieval, structured video retrieval, coding and processing of audio, video and image, speech reorganization, algorithm optimization of JPEG image coding and decoding, etc.